Dec. 5th, 2011

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So I mentioned I'd been texting with the drunk boy? That's turned into direct messages over Twitter...a lot of direct messages over Twitter. 81 since December 1 - Twitter won't show me any further back than that.
So in short, I've totally made a friend - and perhaps someday, a lover. He's absolutely delightful--witty, quippy, and wise, pleasingly deviant of mind. He's also solely responsible for my feeling more desirable and desired than anyone or anything else in months. And part of it is the medium, as well.
As he put it:

I can be quite patient. I like to have things, but i like anticipation and build up too. I don't often allow myself to get excited ahead..
..of time. But I want to in this case. And well, actually, the flirting the slow drip drip of fun. The lack of control. The uncertain nature
The unknown time till reply. Loving it. As I said, very reminiscent of adolescence. Without any awkwardness :).

We've agreed we have no time, either of us, til January...we'll see what happens then. At the rate we're currently going, we'll be uncontainable, insatiable, ferocious. And as it sounds, very very compatible...

(Make that 82 messages now.)
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The drunk boy is telling me the sexy dream he had about me (last Monday!) tweets. 140 characters, scheduled to be published once an hour until the story is over. It's an astonishingly effective way of focusing my attention on each passing minute, turning time into molasses, and completely interrupting any concentration I have near 5 past the hour (when the next one appears.)
Hottest use of Twitter ever.


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