Jan. 31st, 2012


Jan. 31st, 2012 12:46 pm
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The Canadian just said I "must be made of magic".  I guess that's a compliment...
(Even if he still hasn't said anything about liking me personally in any way at any point; though people who've seen us together assure me that 'oh, he's massively into you.  You can just see that.')
He has been exceptionally attentive since he came back - it feels a bit like he's decided he's going to give this a go, or maybe even like he missed me...except he hasn't said that either.  Even my "I like the way you touch me" got a "I like the way you feel[?] my touch" in response.
Sex with him continues to be not functional - two attempts yesterday (but with a good turnaround time!)  The first, he came in <5 min (disappointing, though our discussion around it was quite funny); the second, he had to stop because of pain from cracked ribs (can't say I blame him, really.)  But he really is the best snuggler ever...so I guess that's what I'll settle for.  Too gentle a kisser, too gentle in his touching of me, except when he picks me up and moves me to somewhere.  (Feels like he's been very oddly socialised, which we might actually have to have a chat about at some point.  Who both pins a partner down, pulls a partner's jaw into a kiss, flips them over...and then gives head that I can barely feel at all?)
For his part, seems he gets off on being touched very very gently, especially around his neck (oh, his ears! licking them does amazing spasmy things to his breathing), and that's as far as I've gotten in learning about his body.  Oh, and likes having his ass grabbed, for sure.  His back stroked, too.
But yes: we peoplepile together very, very well.  We kiss and nuzzle very, very comfortably.  We fuck...less well. With chemistry...but perhaps with no context?  I don't know if that's the problem.
Conclusion of last night: he's fun (skilled!) to cook with.  And he thanked me repeatedly for having him over, that he'd had a wonderful time. So I guess that's okay...


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