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This morning's epiphany? I'm starting to get skin hungry, finally...and it's a problem. My basic (quite high) physical contact needs aren't being met, and it's turning me into a vector for social chaos. Kissing the cute drunk guy at the party last night, for instance. He was very cute, very drunk, and very insistent. Slightly creepy, much more flattering. And lovely to kiss. But I asked the wrong question beforehand - I asked if, given his social relationships with the other people at the party, anyone would mind us kissing. He said no. What he didn't tell me til afterwards (til she came and sat next to us), was that he was there with his girlfriend, and that his girlfriend was also dating the hostess, who I don't know very well. Will I ever get another invite from her? I doubt it.
Fuck this.
So I have a perfectly lovely fuckbuddy who works for me, but who I deliberately don't see very often (for to keep that relationship on the right footing, and because he's sufficiently wrong for me that it grates after a bit.) I need more contact. Upping the amount of time I spend with him isn't a solution. More cuddle piles? More people to curl up and sleep with platonically? More people to fuck? How does one procure these again? I haven't had to since, oh, 2002-2004. Hopefully I'll have more social skills now to do this functionally; or know more people who can assist.
In the meantime, I am absolutely 100% going dancing on Thursday; that should help a bit...
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