Jan. 25th, 2012 11:59 am
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The Canadian has left a thumbprint bruise on my upper arm - I'm sure completely accidentally. It might even cause him worry, were he to know.
I'm really really enjoying it.
I like the visible mark he's left on me. Visible spoor of where I've been and what I've done. He's touched me emotionally, this is just a visible manifestation.* Like a transient tattoo, a physical symbol of something intangible in the other aspects of my life. (Who I choose to spend my time with, and how.)
My view on marks, written out for D on Twitter following the December party:

(Also, someone's left deep scratches on my ass-loving the way I feel them each time I sit, stand, climb stairs, etc. Loving feeling marked.)

My marking love stems from long distance relationship: journeying back to your real life w/ physical markers is the best possible feeling

So yeah: bring on more D marks this weekend, and let's see where the thing with the Canadian goes.
(He's emailed me from day 2 of his ski vacation - my first response is to get giggly - but it's with a photo of a snowy hill, and a factual reply to a work-related link I sent.)

*Lest that sound a bit metaphysical: left to my own devices, I leave my partners exhausted and bruised. Your body is a map to how you spend your days; I prefer mine be filled with joyous fucking, on a regularly basis. Ferocious fucking, with teeth and heedlessness. Muscles you didn't know you had being sore, bite marks and bruises? These are good things to discover afterwards. No precision, no holding back. (I would say no restraint, but that's not actually true...)


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