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Birthdate:May 21
This is my sex blog. I have a real journal read by many people I know and love, and while I have come to appreciate online exhibitionism, I'm not comfortable writing about anything particularly relationshippish and especially not sex in it. So here's this.
More info may be found in my first post, which is linked in my memories.
"Touch me and warm me and I will lie still, and all that you ask me to give you, I will.."
I think I'm giving up on casual sex for the moment, or perhaps casual sex with strangers. (March 2006)
In my reference to 'Walk Away Renee,' I meant the Belle & Sebastian song 'Piazza, New York Catcher,' and not the apparently far more famous song.
February 2007: Holy fuck! I'm dating someone! Absolutely besotted, and this is some of the best sex of my whole life. Unspeakably good, and with fathoms less of the "I like to be touched here and in this way" guidance usually necessary. The boy pays attention of his own accord, and then puts his gleanings to use like the sex god he is. Yowza. (Downside: he lives 766 miles away. Boooo.)
September 2011: Recently and messily broken up, so now planning to lead a lavish single life with friends with benefits and play parties. Emphasis on sweet sex, not on bitter emotions - though I have once and for all confirmed that I can do successful, supportive, long term monogamy when asked by partners.
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