Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:00 am
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1. Sex this morning! I still feel horribly unsexy in the first 30 minutes after I wake up, but sex itself wakes me up very nicely, leaving me cheery for hours and hours. So it's just a question of tolerating sleepy, morning breathy foreplay long enough for it go somewhere. That should be doable.

2. I'm picking up the keys tonight, and moving out tomorrow morning. It's going to be splendid, even if I'm moving into a hundred-plus year old house with Escheresque staircases and peculiar housemates--the only one I've met is a professional tour manager for bands. By the standards of the city I'm moving to, it's still in the sticks.* But I'll have a quiet attic room with an east-facing skylight, and apparently the shower has unlimited hot water--my last flat was a 10 minute walk from the central market of the medieval city, but that also meant medieval plumbing: 12 minutes of hot water at a time. The boy also has housing, and will be moving in two weeks, giving us a transition period to *actually* being in the same city. The boy's work has also picked up again, and while he's busy-stressed now, it's no longer angsty.  FTW.

3. My original reason for posting: this is incredibly cool. So far as appliances on display are concerned, so much more attractive than a microwave.  And there's no reason for my sexlife not to be partially public, or part of my public persona--she types in her blog.

4.  Finally, my sex life is still somewhat in shambles, but I hope this week will mark a turning point.  It certainly has in the boy's work (though the stomach cramps, which his mother thought were psychosomatic, still haven't stopped), and I'm moving!  [more dancing in my chair]  Being a normal non-housebound adult again with adult pursuits will hopefully help encourage more, ahem, adult activities.

*Universal proof that I live in the sticks? There's a 14 minute express train connection to Ikea. I have *never* lived 14 minutes from an Ikea before.


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